Fungus on Foot Causes and The Treatment

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Fungus on Foot Causes and The Treatment

There are some people who find themselves comfortable only in closed shoes, not because that they love doing so, but because they are suffering from a very serious issue of fungus on foot. That brittle nail with discolored patches and an intolerable odor can be an embarrassment for the person in parties and other get together or public places. As per the Mayo Clinic, such an infection often takes place in men more in comparison to the women. Some of the most known reasons for it are ageing and exposure to fungi. But there are always solutions to such infection.

Fungus on Foot

What Causes Fungus on Foot?

Normally, a type of fungus or dermatophytes grows naturally on nails, skin and hair that does not causes much of a trouble. But a special type of fungus named as trichophyton rubrum can cause foot fungus because it starts feeding keratin that is a rich portion of protein found in nails, hair and skin. A situation of foot fungus happens when such a fungus enters the skin from an exposed cut or blister. This can easily happen when some of the personal items such as socks or nail clippers are shared with the infected person.

Also such infection can take place due to sweating of the foot. Wearing closed shoes for a long time can create a situation of fungal infection as per the Mayo Clinic.

The researchers have said that the sweating of the foot is soaked by the socks, but it cannot evaporate and hence stays in the shoes that allow the growing of fungus. Hence, wearing shoes and socks with a bit of ventilation can help in avoiding such infection. Also while wearing closed shoes, if the foot are freed in every interval of few hours, then also the risk in avoided in some extent.

Treatments for the Fungus on Foot

Though the symptoms of a fungus on foot are embarrassing and painful but the good news is that there are a number of capable treatments also for the same. There are both oral medicines and applicable medicines that can be used to treat such an infection.

A number of remedies can be used for treating a fungus on foot infection such as Listerine, vinegar, cornmeal, Vicks vapor rub, tea tree oil and many others. Also there are some lotions and foot powders available in the market with some of these ingredients that can help in treating infection.

Though there are these easy remedies for foot infection, but as per the Mayo Clinic, these remedies would not work in case of a very serious situation. In such case, it is recommended to take oral medicines such as itraconazole and terbinafine.

Though there are some ways of treating the infection of fungus on foot, but it is always better to take steps in order to avoid such infection. With proper cleaning of foot and maintaining hygiene it is always possible but now there is also a new way to keep away from such infection. The SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer can be used that is clinically known to clean 99.9 percent fungus and germs.

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