How To Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails – Yellow Toenails Treatment

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How To Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails – Yellow Toenails Treatment

Yellow toenails are never attractive, but they can also be the signal that you have a problem. Here is the simple way on how to get rid of yellow toenails.

Fungal nail infections can cause yellow toenails and it is often the first time you realize you could have a problem.

The infection is caused by the fungus called Dermatophytes; this fungus thrives in damp, moist, warm conditions such in your boots or shoes or in rubber, plastic or latex gloves. The fungus can enter the nail bed through a tiny break in the skin under the nail in the surrounding skin. It then makes its home under the nail, where it is happy to feed on the Keratin of the skin and nails. The yellow toenails are caused by the debris beneath the nail left by the fungus as it eats its way through the skin and nail.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails

Yellow Toenails Treatment

There is many way available on how to get rid of yellow toenails, some of the treatments can be very expensive, while others may prove to be unsafe and sadly there are treatments that seem to have no effect at all.

Among the yellow thick toenails treatments available are pills, creams, potions and lotions, even laser and in some cases surgery may be called for.

Your local drug store and pharmacy will have plenty of products for you to choose from, some will be very expensive, others may not be too safe, while sadly many of the won’t work at all. Trying all the different products in the hope of finding the right one for you can be very expensive and take a lot of time, time in which your fungal toe nail infection is getting worse.

Laser is another option, it is expensive and unless carried out correctly it can prove to be dangerous. Laser isn’t a guaranteed solution to the problem as the fungus can still come back.

Your doctor will have a host of pills, creams and lotions he/she is able to prescribe. Some are going to be very expensive, not all of them are safe, and in fact some of the pills are so dangerous that they can only be given if they are strictly monitored by the M.D.

There are also natural products available for yellow toenails treatment and nail infections, these tend to be far less expensive than some of the other options are generally safer and the good news is they work, because many of the herbs used have more than one function. Most herbs and plants contain a variety of active ingredients meaning they can tackle more than one fungus or bacteria at a time, they also tend to have a more gentle approach to their healing, working not only to treat the infection, but also to restore the damage done to the tissue by the fungus.

Yellow thick toenails can be very embarrassing; they look ugly and if on show are advertising to the world that you have a fungal infection. Not exactly the best look on the beach or the look you wanted when you put on your open toe shoes to finish off your party look.

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