The Best Nail Fungus Home Remedy Solutions And Toenail Fungus Treatments

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The Best Nail Fungus Home Remedy Solutions And Toenail Fungus Treatments

Nail fungus is a real pain in the butt, metaphorically speaking, and a real pain in the toes, literally – I don’t need to convince you of using any toenail fungus treatment or nail fungus home remedy. Fact is that you already know you need one to finally get rid of this, the question is just how. It’s ugly, it’s uncomfortable and it can result in much nastier effects later on. You want a toenail fungus treatment that works and works fast. I understand.

How Exactly Does Nail Fungus Work?

When looking for toenail fungus treatment options, it’s worth knowing a little about how nail fungus works. This will help you determine the most effect nail fungus home remedy to use. Your toe nail is comprised of the nail plate, which is the majority of the nail itself, the nail bed, being the flesh right under the nail, then you have the nail groove, being the flesh surrounding the nail, and you have the lunula, being the white part, semi-circle part at the base of the nail, and finally the eponychium, which is where the nail meets the flesh at the bottom.

And How Did You Get It?

The way people commonly get it is by hitting something and hurt your toe a little and then getting the infection into your body. The problem is that then most people think the slight coloration is still part of the accident or don’t notice it at all and the fungus has time to spread.

What Kind Of Nail Fungi Are There And Is There A Toenail Fungus Treatment?

Different nail fungi are defined and identified partly by which part of the nail they attack, but the most common types, and the ones that home toenail fungus treatment options work on, are generally the ones that are going to affect the nail plate and bed down to the lunula. These fungi are the ones that result in discoloration, discomfort and sometimes, intense pain. The only thing worse than nail fungus is stubbing your toe with nail fungus.

You’re probably wondering whether a nail fungus home remedy can really work, or if you’ll have to go and get an over the counter or prescription toenail fungus treatment. The truth is that if you catch it early, you can usually take care of it with a nail fungus home remedy. Medical toenail fungus treatment might not be necessary but it can be a very powerful solution if you want to get rid of your infection much faster.

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Before You Start Considering A Nail Fungus Home Remedy

Of course, step one is identifying that it is, in fact, nail fungus. If it’s an ingrown toenail or another nail disease, your nail fungus home remedy will only be a waste of time. What you’re looking for here is brittle nails, yellow discoloration or debris. If you’re in doubt it is always advisable to get a diagnosis from your doctor first, so you know exactly what it is you are looking to find a treatment for.

You don’t want to lean on just one nail fungus home remedy, though. When treating at home, you’ll probably want to combine two or three different treatments to make sure that you’re covering all of your bases. Treating nail fungus doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t have to be an altogether icky experience. It can be easy, quick and honestly, quite satisfying to kick fungus in the butt.

The Best Nail Fungus Home Remedy Solutions

Tea Tree Oil
A common nail fungus home remedy is tea tree oil. This is a natural fungicide and disinfectant, and should help if you apply it daily. Mix it with some olive oil and make sure to really get it in there thoroughly. Do this at least once a day. This should work well for mild to moderate cases, so this particular nail fungus home remedy should be applied immediately upon recognizing the toe fungus.

Thyme Oil, Oregano And Lavender
You can strengthen this toenail fungus treatment by also mixing in thyme oil and apply it with a toothbrush, gently scrubbing the mixture in. The scrubbing also helps to get rid of the top layer of the nail, which typically contains most of the fungus. Leave the mixture in for about fifteen minutes each day and you should do fine.

You can also add oregano or lavender oil to the this toenail fungus treatment mixture. Experiment with different tea tree oil based toenail fungus treatment combos and see what results you get. Don’t forget to disinfect the toothbrush every time though! You don’t want to reinfect yourself with your own disease.

Listerine Mouthwash
Another effective toenail fungus treatment: Listerine mouthwash. This stuff is incredible, but you really have to soak your toes in it to get the best effects. This is pretty good for moderate fungus, and when combined with tea tree oil, this nail fungus home remedy can really take care of fungus fast.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apply apple cider vinegar to make use of another effective toenail fungus treatment. Mix it with warm water and soak for around fifteen minutes a day. This should be applied as a complementary treatment along with tea tree oil and/or the mouthwash nail fungus home remedy, as it can keep fungus from spreading, but can’t really kill it on its own.

General Foot Care
As you use any one of these nail fungus home remedy tricks, you’ll want to combine this with some foot care: keep trimming your nails. Now, you’re going to find that a lot of your toe nail comes off a little more easily than it should. This part isn’t entirely pleasant, but it is absolutely necessary. If you don’t want the fungus to spread, then just toenail fungus treatment solution is only part of it. You also need to clip away every part of the nail not directly connected to the nail bed, and file away all of the brittle, chalky remains.

While recovering, you’ll want to wear sandals as much as possible and if you have to wear socks, make sure it’s pure cotton, not a poly blend. Polyester traps moisture and feeds the fungus.

Kill the fungus by combining a toenail fungus treatment or two with breathable footwear.

Beyond that, just keep your feet clean and dry, wash every towel after a single use, and keep at it. If no nail fungus home remedy listed above works for you, talk to your physician or podiatrist, and good luck destroying the fungus!

Feel free to read on here which treatment actually got me the best results!

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