The Best Nail Fungus Infection Treatment : Causes & Pictures

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The Best Nail Fungus Infection Treatment : Causes & Pictures

It is a good idea to seek out nail fungus infection treatment as soon as possible as toenail fungus infection is very difficult to cure in relative to the fungus infection in the finger nail.

As toenails spend most of their times in warm, moist and enclosed area (most often shoes are worn over them) and dirt and debris are easily accumulated there and seldom get cleaned, applying the remedy for toenail infection at the first sign of infection makes the problem a lot easier to deal with.

Delaying nail fungus infection treatment not only encourages the spreading of the infection to the adjoining toenails but also you run the risk of completely losing your toenail as during treatment, it is recommended to cut the dead nail away so that you can clean the dead tissue underneath the nail.

You would be surprised to hear that some people with severe fungus infection completely lost all their fingernails and toenails due to their ignorance of the problem.

Not only that, if you have fungus nail infection for a long time, you might also have fungus infection in your blood stream and the possibilities of getting fungus infection on different parts of your body especially the areas which are usually dark and damp are very high.

Peroxide treatment would be a very useful therapy here to remove the low level fungus existence in your bloodstream to stop further infection to your body areas.

As your toenail grows at a very slow rate, it takes more than a year to restore it to its almost original state. You would see that some of your toenails do not grow back exactly as before the infection as once a nail got separated from the nail bed, it will never grow back at the exact same position.

You must also keep on applying the nail fungus infection treatment during the times when your new nail is growing as it is very easy for to be infected again.

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Nail Fungus Infection Treatment at Home

One of the causes of contracting fungus growth under and around the nails is due to the lack of friendly bacteria in the body. That’s why lactobacilli ( a friendly bacteria) is consumed to prevent the growth of fungus and harmful bacteria to our body. As stressed out earlier, removal of the infected nail does not stop the fungus infection and it is wise that you to apply an anti fungus treatment to your nail for a few months to keep it free from fungus infection.

To lessen the chances of fungus infection, keep your feet and hands dry as soon as possible after you take a bath or washing them. Wear sandals or loose fitting shoes is a good step during the treatment of the nail infection.

Sport shoes is definitely something that you should avoid wearing during the course of the nail infection treatment due to its tight fitting nature but if you cannot do so, applying Band-Aid or tea tree oil to your nails would minimize the infection.

Whenever and wherever possible, it is best to go barefoot as such a practice will remove the ideal moist and warm environment for fungus growth. Don’t forget to wash your socks and clean your shoes as these fungus infected apparel are good fungus infection sources and make toenail fungus remedy very difficult.

You can use clorox bleaches to wash your infected socks and also wear a pair of clean socks everyday to minimize the continuous risk of infection.

Contrary to fungus infection on our skin which makes them itchy and annoying due to constant scratching, fungus inflicted nails do not show such a symptom. You wouldn’t know that you have contracted them (especially the infection on your toenails) until it is too late when you are beginning to feel the pain that the infection is causing. By this time, great damage has been done to your nails.

Some people treat their fungus infection by soaking their feet in apple cider vinegar twice a day where each session last half an hour. Only after months of vinegar soaks, did they notice some minor improvements in their nails condition in which the nails started to firm up and the buildup beneath the nails diminish.

Therefore, it is wise to take note of the condition of the nails on your hands and feet every now and then. Are they yellow? Brown? Are they brittle? Detecting initial signs of your nail infection will shorten the duration of nail fungus infection treatment and makes treatment a lot easier and less effort required to successfully remedy the nail infected condition.

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