What Causes Nail Fungus? Top 3 Most Common Causes

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What Causes Nail Fungus? Top 3 Most Common Causes

So what causes nail fungus? Nail fungus is not uncommon and approximately half of all Americans experience some type of nail fungus by the time they reach age 70. Nail fungus is an infection of the fingernails or toenails that can cause the nails to discolor, form a thick coating, and/or split or otherwise exhibit disfigurement.

In some cases, a level of discomfort may arise that will prohibit the normal wearing of shoes without pain, pressure, or irritation to the afflicted area.

What Causes Nail Fungus

What Causes Of Nail Fungus

Walking barefoot in public places
When visiting a gym or fitness center to work out, always wear shoes. If a shower is available for use after your work-out, always make sure you wear some type of sandal or foot covering to protect your feet and toenails.

Any number of bacteria can easily be picked up from public places and become causes of nail fungus. Purchase shower shoes to wear while you are in the shower; never walk barefoot to or from the shower area.

Public swimming pools are another good gathering spot for all sorts of bacteria. To protect yourself the best you can from obtaining a fungus in a public area, always wear shoes or sandals. Don’t borrow someone else’s shoes; always have a pair of your own. Germs spread easily from place to place, and person to person.

Nail Polish
Don’t share nail polish with a friend that has a fungal infection. If you are experiencing a nail infection, don’t try to cover it with nail polish. Don’t try to cover the discoloration of the nail by adding a color of your own.

It will not work and it will not help the infection to heal. Nail polish only serves to “seal in” the infection under a protective coating, which will make the situation worse.

The best method of prevention is to aim your strategy at the causes of nail fungus and stop them before they start. If you are prone to these types of infections, it is critical that you do the best you can to:

1) keep your hands and feet washed, clean, and dried; and

2) try to ensure a proper fit of your boot or shoe, and not wear footwear that is too tight or uncomfortable.

War veterans
It is especially tough in situations of military conflict to take proper care of your feet and hands; yet they are your most important tools. Many soldiers and war veterans suffer reasons that are almost impossible to avoid.

Those in the military must utilize a certain type of boot or shoe, and their missions will often take them into swampy and marshy areas which may allow outside environmental conditions to seep into the footwear. As well, hands and fingernails are constantly in use and often suffer damage because of the amount of wear and tear they are exposed to.

That is the list of most common of what causes nail fungus, I hope you found this article useful.

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